Stepfather's secret

Dirk is a sexy bearded man with a loving wife and a teen stepson. What the wife and her son doesn't know is that the beefy man is actually gay, who set his eyes on Johnny. When his wife goes to work, Dirk is alone with Johnny who takes his usual morning shower and jerks-off to relieve his morning hard-ion, not suspecting that his stepfather is peeping inside, marveling at the smooth, lean body of the teen. Dirk can't hold himself back though for long, so he approaches the young man an the shower. Johnny is first petrified, but taking notice of his step-father's state of arousal, and his huge dick, he quickly grows hot. In the end, they exhange hot blowjobs, then Dirk fucks the delicious youth thoroughly.

Added: 2014-04-12
Categories: Hardcore
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